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Availability of the not mine and the mine varieties
Mylia wanted me to let everyone know she's not around tonight because she's having a bad pain night and plans to stay firmly in bed.

And as for myself, I may not be around much for the next week or so -- I'm having computer problems of the "have to send the laptop in for repairs" variety. I've got my netbook, but it's small and clunky and frustratingly slow so getting back into the swing of things is a bit more difficult. I'll still be playing and tagging, though I'm not sure what kind of speed I'll have.

Availability of the not my own
Mylia is having issues from the weekend, but will do her best to get tags done and new posts up. She was just coming off of a vacation with two of her best friends when she found out that her two year old baby niece was snatched by her father. The baby was found and safe, but he is still refusing to give back to her mother. Naturally, she and the rest of her family are a little shellshocked and focusing on getting the baby from the father and back to the mother.

Availability of the not my own
Mylia wanted me to let everyone know that she's still in incredible head pain -- had to get shot number two at the ER, so she's woozy and out of it and trying to rest. She hopes to be around soon, but she's not sure when.

Availability of the not my own
Mylia's in incredible head pain, so she wanted me to let everyone know she won't be around today.

To which I say, boo head pain!

But she hopes to be back around again soon.

Availaility of the not my own
Sipping a drink.
Mylia wanted me to let people know she's away from the computer tonight because she's having severe pain in her neck and shoulder and that bending over the computer is making it hurt even more.

Room 506, Early Afternoon
Pained expression.
Shira was hiding away in her room and not ashamed to admit it. It was the only thing she could think of to do, the only thing that made any sense anymore. She'd tried doing homework, she'd tried studying, she'd tried reading, she'd tried practicing her Craft, and she'd eventually moved on to pacing back and forth like a pacing thing.

And that was when the voice blasted through her mind with a force unlike anything she'd felt before.

She stopped mid-pace, almost not sure that she'd even felt it, so sudden was the lack of presence in her mind.

*Cassidy?* she tried. *Cassidy!*


Panic rising steadily, Shira kept trying until she was screaming along a thread with all the force she could manage.

Still nothing.

Choking back a sob, Shira spun and ran for the door. That meeting. She had to go to that meeting. It wasn't going to help matters any, but maybe she'd learn something. Maybe she'd be able to contribute.

Or maybe she'd just see someone she could fall apart on.


Hotel Room, Sunday Afternoon
Sitting with a boy.
Shira didn't want Ranon to go home, she really didn't. As a result, she might have been just the slightest bit clingy as they sat on the bed in his hotel room, cuddling contently.

The others -- Cassidy, Devra, Clayton, as well as Alice and Elle -- were scattered around the room, having managed to come up with enough furniture to seat them all. It was a little crowded, but it was comfortable enough for Shira, who was just happy to have her friends there with her.

She might have been a little more solemn if not for the fact that she knew Cassidy was going to miss her mother and brother just as much as Shira herself was going to miss Ranon.

"What time does everybody's portals leave?" she asked, voicing the question.

[For Cassidy and her family!]

Room 506, Monday Early Evening
Are you sure?
Something was wrong. Besides the glaringly obvious. She just couldn't figure out what it was. Karla and Cassidy weren't answering her, which was ridiculously out of character for both girls. And then there was everything in town, and between all of it Shira was halfway tempted to run for the Reserves. The only thing that stopped her was the fact that her Court was at Fandom. She couldn't abandon Cassidy or Elle. Or Karla, who okay, not her Court, but close enough!

Sighing, Shira pushed away from her desk and stood, pacing and running her fingers through her hair. This was driving her crazy! She could feel the wrongness, just feel it.

And she wanted it to go away.



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